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We work towards identifying problems installers and consumers face, and then designing and integrating solutions into our products. Stagnation is not an option, at Fireball we push our products to offer new solutions to make your life easier, whether you’re the installer applying the product or the vehicle’s owner.

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Fireball is a premium vehicle protection brand. Our flagship products are our ceramic coatings, which create a protective barrier between your vehicle and substances that could harm its look, feel, or function. Fireball has an expansive product lineup, designed with the consumer in mind. Our products cover every aspect of car care and protection, so that there are no gaps in your vehicle’s defenses.


At Fireball's proprietary facility in South Korea, we oversee every aspect of our product's formulation and manufacture. Our unique single-location quality assurance model is overseen personally by our CEO, Founder, and Head Chemist, Jin Hyuk-Jang. Supervision at every step of the manufacturing process by extremely knowledgeable chemical engineers afford us an outstanding level of precision and ecosystem integration, giving our products the levels of quality you just can't get working with third party manufacturers and formulators. 

As a forward-thinking company, Fireball recognizes the importance of developing a sustainable and ethical business model. That's why Fireball is committed to building our products from organic components. Our sourcing also checks for pollution damage to the materials we use, making sure no environmental hazards transfer to our consumers. We carefully balance PH levels in our non-acidic products to make sure any runoff doesn't harm the environment where they're applied. 

Fireball Coatings Factory in South Korea
We only offer our services through installers we have personally vetted and trained. When you bring your vehicle to a Fireball Certified installer, rest assured that their skills and professionalism are backed by Fireball Global, and have been validated by the upper echelon of the ceramic coating installation world.